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National History Day in Arizona

Northern Arizona Regional Competition Results

Junior Group Website

First Place: Presidential Crime, and What the Watergate Scandal Taught Us, Claire C and Lauren F

Junior Individual Documentary

Third Place: You Have the Right to Remain Silent: The Miranda Warnings and the History behind Them, Miya F

                Second Place: Greco-Persian wars in the fifth century BCE, Theo C

                First Place: Native American Boarding schools: This is My voice, Alissandra W

Junior Individual Website

                Third Place: Roe v. Wade; A Constitutional and Ethical Debate, Harper W

                Second Place: There's oil in the Tea cups, the great Teapot Dome Scandal, Lily S

                First place: Keating-Owen: Child Labor Act of 1916, Hayden M

Junior Individual Exhibit

                Third Place: The Radium Girls, Lila H

                Second Place: Wild Horse Annie Act, Ellery S

First Place: Buckey O’Neill and the Rough Rider’s Impactful Results on the Spanish-American War, Brendin O

Junior Paper

                Third Place: Miranda V. Arizona, The Case That Violated the 5th and 6th Amendments, Breana L

                Second Place: The Space Race: The Greatest Scientific Era of the United States, Simon P

                First Place: Emancipation Proclamation: Fulfilling the Promise of 1776, Bethany B

Senior Group Exhibit

                Second Place: Guam as a U.S. Territory, Garret B and Deuce H

                First Place: Three Mile Island, Colton D and Tyler G

Senior Group Website

                Second Place: Diplomacy, Death, and Consequences: The Atomic Bomb, Aylen B and Cate L

                First Place: The Controversy of the Bisbee Deportation, Riley L, Allison L, and Paislee T

Senior Individual Website

                First Place: The Gunfight at O.S. Corral; The Myth, the Legend, and the Truth, Isabella H

Senior Paper

First Place: The Armenian Genocide: Turkish Denial & Subsequent Debate Regarding Its Veracity, Jay R


Evaluations will be available Monday 3/7. Please read the evaluations completely and carefully. 

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Welcome Judges! 

Thank you for your support of National History Day in Arizona!

Please click on the Judge's link on the top menu to register to judge for the Northern Arizona Regional Competition. Once registered you will receive materials on the 2022 theme: Debate and Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, and Consequences. Be prepared to attend online and in-person judge training.

Thank you in advance for your time and support of National History Day in Arizona.

If you have any questions please contact nhdaz@azhs.gov





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