Welcome to the Virtual Northern Arizona Regional Competition

Important Dates & Times

Saturday March 06, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Saturday March 06, 2021 at 4:30 PM

National History Day in Arizona

Virtual Northern Arizona Regional Competition 

The following projects have been promoted to State: 

Junior Group Documentary

2nd Place: Hip Hop: The Genre that Changed the World

1st Place: Communicating K9’s


Junior Group Exhibit

2nd Place: Evolution of Communication: The Financial Problems of the Pony Express and the Post Office Today

1st Place: The Black Panther Party: A Key in Understanding Racial Injustice


Junior Group Website

Communicating Throughout History: the 1913 Women's Suffrage Riot


Junior Individual Documentary

Carrier Pigeons


Junior Individual Website

American Knowledge of the Holocaust (Silent Screams)


Junior Individual Exhibit

2nd Place: NHD- Communications Through History- The Cuban Missile Crisis

1st Place: Communication in the Neighborhood of Make Believe: How Mister Rogers' Neighborhood helped children find the key to understanding their emotions.


Junior Individual Performance

A Hope For Racial Equality


Junior Paper

3rd Place: Building the Atomic Bomb: Communication at Los Alamos

2nd Place: Communication in History: How Women Rose Up and Took the Vote

1st Place: A Carpenter’s Marvelous Voyage Across the Longitudes


Senior Group Website

Agent Garbo: A Tale of Deception


Senior Individual Documentary

3rd Place: The Forgotten Codebreakers of Bletchley Park

2nd Place: Bob Geldof Communicating the Conditions of the Ethiopian Famine with Music

1st Place: Brutalization Through Miscommunication: The Media's Role In Convicting the Central Park 5


Senior Individual Performance

At the Stand


Senior Individual Website

3rd Place: Nisei Linguists: Communicating to Build Bilateral Understanding

2nd Place: The Dalai Lama: How a Buddhist Exile Became the People's Champion

1st Place: SILENCED VOICES: Confronting Native American Linguicide during the Boarding School Era


Senior Paper

3rd Place: The 1980 Boycott: A Miscommunication That Affected the World

2nd Place: Cold Communication; Censorship and its Implications During the Cold War

1st Place: Language on the Battle Field: The Forgotten Heroes of World War II

Welcome Students! 

  • Follow all the registration steps under the registration/student drop down menu.  You will receive an email after your registration is complete. 
  • Please make sure you register all group members for group projects.  It is easiest to register all group members at one time.  
  • Make sure to check with your teacher to verify who will be paying for your registration fees. 
  • Registration for the regional competition is $30. All registration fees are due by the last day of registration @ 9:00 PM.  There is a $15.00 late fee for late registration after this date and time.
  • Due to security reasons, interviews will not be live. Students can still record interviews and send them to nhdaz@azhs.gov as an optional professionalization opportunity. All interview rules still apply and the NHDAZ will retain the interviews and might use clips for NHDAZ promotional materials. By submitting a video interview, the student and family consents to this use. 

Welcome Teachers! 

  • Teachers should register BEFORE their students.
  • Follow all the registration steps under the registration/teacher drop down menu to register yourself.  Students will do the same for their own registration.
  • Students will receive an email after the first step of registration and once their registration is complete. 
  • Make sure to let your students know who will be paying for their registration fees. 
  • Registration is $30 for the regional competition. 
  • All registration fees are due by the end of the registration period, late registration fees ($15 per late entry) will be assessed after that time.


Welcome Judges! 

Thank you for your interest in National History Day in Arizona!

Please click on the Judge's link on the top menu to register to judge for the Northern Competition. Once registered you will receive materials on the 2021 theme Communication in History: The Key to Understanding in addition to judging resources. You will receive your assignments soon!

Thank you in advance for your time and support of National History Day in Arizona.

If you have any questions please contact nhdaz@azhs.gov




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